Conversion Rate Optimisation

Imagine if all of your customers were walking out of your shop empty handed. You’d do something about it, right?

This is exactly the situation many small business owners find themselves in. Their website may be getting visitors, but they’re just not biting and it can be tough to understand why.

Using conversion optimisation, your website can give you:

  • more business leads via your lead-gen or contact form,
  • more sales, less shopping-cart abandonment,
  • and ensure your website is supporting your business goals.

How can Conversion Rate Optimisation help?

Anything you invest in getting traffic to your website can be squandered if your site fails to convert those visitors into sales, leads, or followers.

Put simply, improving your conversion rate can usually deliver the most cost-effective and longest-lasting benefits to your business.

Conversion optimisation works by ensuring that your website is useful and relevant to your visitors, helps them find what they need and persuades them to take the actions needed to achieve your business goals.

Conversion Optimisation is one of the most powerful methods smart internet marketers use to build lasting competitive advantage.

And it doesn’t mean huge costs, or a total redesign of your website. In many cases relatively small changes can make a real difference to your income.

Well-optimised websites can change the economics of your business overnight and turbo-charge your on-line marketing.

Conversion optimisation will:

  • tell you the the real economic value of your pages
  • understand your site from your visitors perspective
  • uncover problems with your site that’s costing you sales
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How does Conversion Optimisation work?

Conversion optimisation uses a scientific method to understand those factors that affect the performance of your website and measure the impact of suggested changes, selecting only those changes that make a positive difference.


Before starting to test potential improvements, we need to understand how your website is currently performing.

  • What are the goals of your business, and the website
  • Understand who your customers are and what they need in order to take action.
  • Uncover problems that are stopping your customers from reaching your goals.

Based on the analysis, I’ll uncover problems with your site and decide on the things we need to test.


These tests will be prioritised based on the potential impact, how difficult it is to implement and how much traffic the page we wish to test has.

I’ll set-up and run these tests on your website. The length of time this takes is dependant on the volume of traffic, the scale of the improvement and the number of conversions we see.

There are different types of test, but for many small business websites, simple split-testing of your landing pages is usually all that’s required.

Visitors to your site will see one of a number of different versions of the page we’re trying to improve. We’ll then track those visitors to see if they go on to achieve any of your site’s goals.

And don’t worry about needing a web developer to support and implement these tests. The majority of tests can be done by simply adding a small snippet of code into your web page.

Analyse the results and verify the improvement

Once we’ve had enough visits to make the test statistically relevant we’ll be able to see the impact the changes will have to your business.

Testing enables us to know how your customers are reacting to the proposed changes to your website and the impact to your website’s productivity.

By testing, you know how to take the right approach for your visitors. It’s no longer just your best guess.

Getting started with Conversion Optimisation

If your website already gets a reasonable volume of traffic but those numbers aren’t turning into sales or leads then contact me for a site review.

Don’t worry, I take privacy seriously. I won’t spam you or sign you up for a mailing list you didn’t want. I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can.

Not enough visitors to your website?

In order to get the maximum benefit from your testing and optimisation, your website must be attracting a reasonable amount of traffic.

It’s not just about making sure your visitors take action, you also need to ensure that you’re getting the right visitors. This is where good search engine optimisation can make a difference.